History of Hedding Homes


As a child I was always interested in construction.  From an early age of 6, I knew some day I would be a homebuilder.  From that point on I modeled my life to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become a building professional.  Up until I entered high school, I was always building small projects with tools and any wood I could get my hands on.  From small cabinets to a make-shift clubhouse, I stayed very busy using up the neighborhood scrap lumber.


When it was time to pick a high school I chose Edison Tech for their carpentry program.  While there I perfected the use of carpentry tools and learned the basic skills that would be useful later in my career.  This education would give me a foundation to build on in becoming an experienced home builder.  After high school I attended Syracuse University.  I am a graduate of the Whitman School of Management @ Syracuse University, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  During my four year course of study I learned many valuable lessons in organization and project management.  Today I put these skills to use to coordinate the Sub-Contractors needed to produce a quality custom home with maximum efficiency.


In the summer of 1990, I got a job as a framing laborer.  When I graduated college (1991) I got a job with Lakeshore Construction, Inc. and worked my way up the ladder to Lead Carpenter.  While working for Lakeshore Construction, I started my first company, Hedding Home Improvement in 1995.  It was a remodeling and light construction company.  I worked both jobs until April of 2000, when I left Lakeshore Construction and worked full time as Hedding Home Improvement.  In January 2001 I shifted my focus back to residential framing full time and opened my framing company Hedding Home Contracting, LLC.  Since then we have framed hundreds of residential homes, commercial type townhouses, apartment buildings, hotels, retail buildings, medical offices, and restaurants.  In 2004 I built my first custom home in Chili, NY.  In October of 2005 I started Hedding Homes, LLC.

Commitment to the Customer

As a custom home builder, I am constantly looking for new and innovative building procedures and energy conscious materials to give the homeowner the best choices in building their custom home.  I still own and operate Hedding Home Contracting, therefore I personally control one of the most important phases of your home’s construction, the structure.  From start to finish we bring a complete and professional approach to the construction of your dream home, valuing your input along the way.  We take pride in building not just a house, but a place for you call home for many years to come.